H Fang : Compact Spinning Assembly


H- FANG is one of the leading ‘Compact Spinning Attachment’ manufacturers from China. It is established in 1991 and got certified with ISO9001-2008 system. Company is making remarkable progress under professional management and total 9.3 million spindles has been installed.

H-Fang has contributed for growth of textile industry by developing  series of new products with latest technology such as Vortex flow spinning machines, New style ball warper, Axminster Carpet weaving machine, Intelligent doffing system etc.


HFJ Compact Spinning Assembly


HFJ Compact Spinning Assembly is Four Roller device designed for modification on traditional ring frames.  It is well accepted in market due to its perfect structure, good workmanship and its excellent performance.

H-Fang being a vertically integrated organization, has a strong R&D department which always keeps working on the required improvement. A proactive approach towards customers feedback and immediate response system has always kept customers satisfied and happy.


Modification Sectional View


Modification of old ring frame is done, without making any change in main driving system of machine. There is no need to drill on the beam frame, no need to change anything on the driving parts or parts beneath the beam frame. Thus it will not destroy any part of the machine. In case of top duct system, even no need to change roving creel.

For the modification of drafting system, only change of roller stand, front bottom roller, flute pipe unit and add compact device is required.


Benefits of Compact Spinning

  • For cotton yarn, over 60% 3mm hairiness can be reduced
  • Under the same process and working conditions, the tenacity of compact spun yarn is 5%-15% higher than ring spun yarn.
  • Decrease in CV%
  • Higher productivity when producing same tenacity yarn than conventional spun yarn.
  • Yarn twist can be reduced by 5-10% while maintaining same strength
  • Better evenness of diameter and hairiness
  • 30% reduction in yarn breakage in warping process.
  • Better abrasion resistance of yarn leading to fewer ends breaks in weaving.
  • Singeing can be omitted in case of compact siro- spinning
  • Reduced pilling and better dye uptake in fabric.
  • Increase productivity, especially for high density fabrics produced in air jet looms.
  • More clear in fabric texture for yarn dyed fabric, especially for warp-stripped fabric.
  • More smooth and soft fabric
  • Improves work conditions as reduces fluff generation in work shed


  • Sangeeth Textile Ltd., Coimbtore, T.N.
  • G. Kannaperan Mills, Coimbtore, T.N.
  • Sasi Anand, Perundurai, T.N.
  • Thenpandiyan Spinning Mills, T.N.
  • Loayal Textiles Ltd, T.N.
  • Shri Govindraja Mills Ltd., T.N.
  • Banswara Syntex Ltd., Rajsthan


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