Smart - Two for one twister
Smart Twister
 is a new generation of twister and was firstly shown in the ITMA Asia Exhibition in 2012. This twister is in response to the demand for the global customers to look for labor and energy reduction significantly.Besides the demand to sustain low investment costs and lower energy consumption, the customers also take on great importance time and cost of maintenance. Based on the new electronic drive system, Smart is also in innovative design of Central adjustment of balloon and Central adjustment of wrap angle for take-up roller. Customers can adjust the production process very quickly and simplify the operation of machine. 
The features of the new model:
a high structural standardization, a wide range both for feeding and spindle dimensions for every yarn type and count. Schneider electronic solutions can simplify the operator intervention and reduce the maintenance workforce.Through the touch screen computer, Schneider electronic solutions can allow continuous change the setting for process parameter, the operator can obtain every possible combination of parameters in order to reach the best output working condition.

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